Thursday, 16 October 2014

Write Up: Prenatal Yoga TTC with Jo by Janice Tan

Prenatal Yoga TTC with Jo ~ 19-21 Sept 2014written by guest blogger, Janice

Nowadays pregnant ladies are more active in exercises compared to earlier days where they were adviced to rest, rest, and just rest. Doctors and specialists also agreed that appropriate exercises are good for women during their pregnancy and labour.

As a Yoga practitioner for many years and also a Yoga instructor, Yoga has became my choice of exercise during my pregnancy. I feel good after my every session of Prenatal Yoga class and so I decided to join the Prenatal TTC to learn more in depth in this specific topic, in order to help myself during the pregnancy journey and also my students' in future.

I chose to attend the TTC by Jo at Surya Yoga because this studio has been having Kids Yoga classes for some time, it gives me a very "motherly" feeling and its serene environment encourages  relaxation.

The intensive 20-hour class covers detailed topics on theory such as the benefits of Prenatal Yoga, safety of practice, what to-do and not to-do. We also had practical / hands-on practice which includes Yoga poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama), massage, adjustments on poses, partner yoga (to be practiced together with husbands or another pregnant friend), and teaching techniques.

There are also more than mentioned in the prepared teaching materials. Jo shared tips on handling challenges, on how to handle problems faced by students, and what to take note when introducing Prenatal Yoga in our teaching or into our studios.

I personally enjoyed the 2 discussion sessions, on the topic of "Changes in different trimesters" and "Teaching sequences for different trimesters and for students with specific health condition". As every pregnancy is different, every teacher has different styles and has different students, the discussion sessions allow us to exchange ideas, and learn from each others' experience.

During the asanas and breathing practice, mothers are exercising their bodies, breathing their breaths together with their babies in the tummy, the bonding is so strong and the feeling is so close and amazing.

And when I know more about Prenatal Yoga, I'm more physically and mentally enjoying the pregnancy process and more prepared for the labour. I'm also feeling that I'm sharing my knowledge and my gratitude with my baby.

I thank Jo for this wonderful training. Her teaching is powerful yet in a soothing and relaxing manner, she is so generous to share her knowledge and experience, in and out of textbox. I'm sure going to learn more from her in future.

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