Monday, 15 September 2014

Heart to Heart Sessions: Pauline Lee

Surya Yoga and Pilates Studio has been conducting prenatal yoga classes for a few years now and we have gotten to meet many wonderful students throughout the years. Many of them, our very own students from the get go (pre-baby bump!). We believe in a little 'cycle of life' so to speak. It's wonderful to see prenatal yoga students come back to do postnatal yoga! Their little ones eventually end up joining us for kids yoga as well! Motherhood is not an easy journey, we hope to if not guide you, but at least provide a soft cushioning along the ride.

So, we had the opportunity to have a heart to heart session with one of our prenatal yoga students, Pauline Lee. We asked her to help us with our Prenatal Yoga Book and she agreed! She's such a good sport. This is how our little session went.

Meet our prenatal yoga student, Pauline Lee

How did you come by Yoga Pauline?

She oozed glowing confidence. She replied with a smile. She started yoga in 2010 after she came back from the Netherlands. She liked yoga because it had a calming effect and helped her find a sense of balance in life. It gave her, she said, awareness of 'living in the present moment' which is now her life philosophy and even business philosophy! Pauline informed us that she was an IT consultant for 8 years and that involved a lot of travelling. It was rewarding financially but she felt, what was important to her personally, at the end of the day was peace, calmness and happiness. As a consultant she uttered, the expectations placed on her were incredibly high. In a way, she was expected to know everything!

Pauline continued by saying that, even when she became pregnant, she continued practicing yoga because that 'balance' was important to her. It was a natural and logical transition to continue with yoga when pregnant. She was actually practicing yoga elsewhere, but left to do prenatal yoga with us.

A few snapshots for our upcoming Prenatal Yoga book

We asked (just for fun), why Surya Yoga and Pilates Studio?

Pauline knew this question was coming. She smiled rather motherly and said that she liked classes with us because our prenatal yoga classes were more focused. It was a smaller group and she liked our homey environment and ambiance. She loved how we were not commercialized and were genuine with our efforts. The added option to join Pilates Therapy classes were a bonus as well, she continued. 

This felt really good! We were really happy to hear this! We gave ourselves a pat on the back (discreetly in our minds) and continued with the little heart to heart session with Pauline.

Jo, conducting a prenatal yoga class

How has pregnancy been so far Pauline? 

She explained that prenatal yoga made her feel physically good. She mentioned that (even with labor 2 weeks away) she is still able to brisk walk and many have commented positively on her posture!

Pauline and Jo (director and founder of Surya Yoga & Pilates Studio and yes, head prenatal yoga instructor)

Brand spanking new classroom 4 for prenatal yoga classes

Surya Yoga & Pilates Studio has expanded! Classroom 4 is just a hop away

Our conversation continued 'off the record' but I think Pauline wouldn't mind us sharing? (Get back to us Pauline! *grin*). We were actually going to head out to get some lunch together. While Jo was getting Jolie (her 5 month little one) ready for a little 'jalan jalan cari makan' activity to Thyme Bakery (just a quick walk from Surya Yoga and Pilates Studio), I asked Pauline a little more about her current endeavors. She handed me her business card. I was expecting to see Pauline Lee - IT Consultant or IT Specialist but to my slight confusion, I saw Pauline Lee - Food Experience Captain!

It turns out, after coming back from the Netherlands, she decided to chase her real passion - food! She is a licensed food tour guide by the ministry of tourism! Her face lit up, she couldn't contain her smiles, she gushed on about her little company - Simply Enak. She hosts Petaling Street 'Heritage Food' walks for locals, expatriates and hungry tourists hoping to get a 'bite of Malaysia'. With passion, she explained that she grew up in Pudu with her mom making the Petaling Street food walk particularly more meaningful. 

Pauline Lee, looking very sweet and vibrant!

Jo finally materialized with Jolie, all bundled up comfortably in a 'baby sling carrier' she got from her confinement center - Bondavilla. We then made our little way, Jo with a smiling baby Jolie, Pauline hand in hand with her partner, and me - with my handy pen and notebook. All in all, it was a good heart to heart session and what better way to polish it off with some food!

Have a great day everyone! ~ Namaste, Elisha

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