Instructors : Jo & Susan

Josephine Chan (Jo), is the head instructor of Surya Yoga. Jo is a certified yoga and prenatal yoga instructor, with more than 10 years of experience under her belt. She received qualifications from Yoga Arts Australia in the year 2004 under the mentorship of Louisa Sear. 

After teaching, travelling and training with various teachers across Australia, USA and India, Jo started Surya Yoga Studio in Aman Suria, Damansara providing a platform for people to achieve inner calmness and overall well being.

She's a tough and determined woman. She's an entrepreneur, yoga instructor and above all, she's a mother. She continues to amaze her students with her passion and her business savvy. She provides many services for her students at Surya Yoga eg. Juice and Salad Bar and mini studio library. She keeps things lively, vibrant and interesting for everyone.

From a young age, she cultivated the 'can do' attitude and believes in never giving up. She hopes that our Surya Yoga family will continue to grow together, building on each others strengths. 

Susan Leow has been practising yoga since 2008. She is a Ysynergy Yoga Alliance certified instructor and specializes in Kids Yoga and prenatal yoga. She studied under many yoga gurus naming Jaque Ho from Ysynergy and Fezia from Radiant Child. Her natural ability with children as well helps her be an enthusiastic Kids Yoga instructor at Surya Yoga. She had breathing difficulties in the past. To correct things, she took a 3 month corrective breathing with asana yoga course. She fell in love with yoga almost immediately. 
She found herself to be more calm, relaxed and focused as the months went by. That started her love and passion for yoga. The following years were spent gathering her skills and knowledge of yoga.
Her personal saying in life is 'Sometimes, a simple pose, it takes time and effort to master it.' She believes in not underestimating things, and focuses on continuous improvement.

She will follow her passion and enhance further her yoga skills and natural abilities. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with many students at Surya Yoga.

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