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Prenatal Couples Workshop 2014
Saturday, 22nd February 2014
Saturday, 12th July 2014
Saturday, 15th November 2014

Our special couples prenatal yoga workshop focuses on providing couples the opportunity to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. Through discussion, gentle postures, meditation and massage, couples are able to cultivate greater relaxation, better understanding and increase the enjoyment of childbearing. These workshops are on frequently at Surya Yoga. 

Topics covered in Couples Prenatal Workshop at Surya Yoga:
  • Firstly, it's suitable for couples at any stage of pregnancy.
  • The workshop starts off with breathing exercises and yoga poses that will create and enhance the bond between dad, mom and the unborn baby. 
  • Then it's time for prenatal yoga couples poses where couples learn to stretch together. It's a great form of bonding and infectious fun. Couples learn how to work as a unit
  • Next up are simple and safe massage techniques. It will help equip husbands how to assist their pregnant partners that may have back pain, stiff shoulders and other common physical ailments caused by pregnancy. Husbands need to know how to alleviate any pain their partners are feeling.
  • The workshop will then go into the stages of contraction and how to prepare for it. The workshop will highlight the important things to be aware of in the labor room.
  • We also cover breathing techniques for couples to do in the labor room. Husbands will also learn gentle massages to help alleviate pain and how to give verbal support.
  • Not forgetting, couples will learn how to handle possible episodes of depression that occur before and after giving birth.
  • Lastly, a session of couples meditation. 
Do read Josephine's blog post on her Couples Prenatal Yoga Workshop here.

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